July 21, 2022

Based on your readings, what is the main difference between the modern Western worldview and the current post-modern worldview? Which parts if any do you identify with? Explain Cite references from your reading to support your answer.

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Based on our textbook readings, I believe I understand that having the presence of God in our lives is one of the major contrasts between a modern Western worldview and a postmodern worldview. Because the modern Western worldview is based on what the Bible teaches, many people seek God in their life. Like that we can have a meaningful relationship with God (Shelly & Miller,2006). In the postmodern worldview, theorists believe in a more general approach. They believe that the world is made up of energy that can be controlled and manipulated (Shelly & Miller,2006). The energy is felt to be nonreligious in nature and thought to be spirit-like (Shelly & Miller,2006). This “energy” is not of God, it just is there, which is more science-based. The problem with this, is that “science cannot give meaning to life” (Shelly & Miller,2006). I identify myself with the Western worldview because of my culture and how I was raised. I know that having the presence of God in my life gives me a sense of belief that my life has a purpose.
Shelly, J., & Miller, A. (2006). Grand Canyon University – Digital Resources. Retrieved 9 January 2020, from http://gcumedia.com/digital-resources/intervarsity-press/2006/called-tocare_a-christian-worldview-for-nursing_ebook_2e.php

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