July 21, 2022

Give a brief summary of your “Health Care and Wellness Provider and Faith Diversity” assignment. How will your understanding of this faith expressions inform your philosophy of health care and wellness?

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Part 1 : Summary of Health care and Wellness provider and Faith Diversity.
People from various religious backgrounds and cultural backgrounds make up today’s society. As a result, healthcare providers are responsible with ensuring that all people, regardless of faith or cultural background, receive high-quality healthcare. Although there are many religions in the world, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are among the most commonly practiced and have large numbers of adherents.
People of various religious origins have diverse perspectives on healthcare services, thus healthcare practitioners must consider all of their concerns to ensure that they do not interfere with the patient’s care. In order to provide high-quality health services, health officers must first learn about various religions and their perspectives on health and healthcare. Healthcare providers should also be aware of these religions’ history and how they have evolved over time.
Part 2 : How will your understanding of this faith expressions inform your philosophy of health care and wellness?
Understanding diverse faiths’ religious backgrounds can assist healthcare providers to improve their services by treating patients without interfering with their faith.
Knowing how different religions approach health care and healing has helped me realize how crucial it is to take a person’s religious background into account while providing medical services. When Christians are sick, they rely heavily on prayers to connect with their creator, whereas Buddhists rely heavily on mediation to speed up their recovery. As a result, it is critical for medical professionals to provide patients with safe conditions in which to exercise their beliefs.
As a medical professional, it’s critical to respect other people’s religious beliefs and backgrounds. Making the patient feel at ease is beneficial to his or her health. Faith plays an important role in society, and allowing patients to exercise their faith in medical settings motivates people to seek medical help if they are ill, resulting in a healthier society.
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