Lab 5: Automating UAT with Selenium

March 1, 2023


In recent years, software development and quality assurance teams became more vigilant in enforcing coding standards and styles in an effort to improve software quality. Pylint is one of the tools that is widely used in the industry to further these efforts. Pylint identifies five types of quality concerns, Coding Style, Refactor, Warning, Error, and Fatal. 

In this lab, we will use Pylint to study and analyze quality of ten open-source Python projects and report on their quality. The list of open-source projects will be provided by your instructor. Your task is to run Pylint, collect various types of violations, and put together a summary report of your findings. 


  • Screenshots showing successful runs of Pylint.
    • Summary report of your findings. The report should present descriptive statistics on frequency of various violations. Furthermore, you are responsible for developing criteria based on Pylint frequency and type of violations as well as Pylint score to rank the different projects. The report should be 3 to 5 pages long (1.5 spaced, front size 10).

Project list

Project list

Attached Files:

  •  project-list.xlsx (10.561 KB) 

Attached is the list of project that you should use for lab-6.  The sheet provides details on each project. There are 6 different projects in the sheet, pick any 3 for your lab exercise and report.

The projects are all public projects hosted on Github, to get a copy of the project source code on your local machine and run pylint on it, use the git clone as follows:

$git clone REPO_URL

For example, to clone requests/requests:

$git clone

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