Concept Synthesis Guidelines

May 3, 2023

Concept Synthesis Guidelines Instructions Complete a focused literature synthesis on a key concept related to your actual or anticipated DNP project.
 General paper requirements:
• 5 page limit (excluding title page, abstract, references, and appendices (tables and figures). •
You are free to use (APA, etc.). You must note your style on the title page (last line) and use it properly.
 Since doctoral students are expected to publish, one recommendation is to identify a journal you are likely to target with your DNP project results, review their author guidelines/requirements, and practice using the journal’s required format for this paper.
 • Use of a citation manager (e.g., EndNote or RefWorks) is highly recommended. They are available for free from the UCF Library website. Tutorials and other resources for each citation manager are also available through the UCF Library website.
• A minimum of 20 appropriate citations are required for this paper.
 As this is doctoral level work, appropriate citations are peer-reviewed journal articles or sufficiently authoritative websites (e.g., CDC, AHRQ, NIH, recognized professional organizations, etc.).
 • Sections of the paper (in order) are: o Abstract o Introduction o Methods o Synthesis of findings o Discussion o References o Appendices Helpful Resources Literature Review Process Tutorial
Reliability and Validity in Quantitative Studies Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Studies Abstract Succinctly summarizes all important elements of the pap

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