July 21, 2022

What is your earliest memory of being sick? Similarly, what is your first memory of receiving medical care? Was it positive? Looking back on it from the vantage point of your current knowledge and experience, was your care back then good and adequate?

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I guess you can say I have been quite lucky now and even growing up that I never really got sick very often . However , the earliest memory of being sick is when I was about 11 , I would get sore throats . A few months went by and I developed these lumps that would protrude from the side of my neck when I bent my head over . This now leads me to my first memory of receiving medical care , which my mother took me into the doctor for us to find out that I had tonsillitis . I had to have my tonsils removed shortly after . From what I remember , I had a pretty good experience . The nurses and doctor were very kind and made sure I was well taken care of . I did find out that day I was getting an allergic reaction from latex tape that was holding my IV in place . The staff made sure to quickly change it and was very nice in making sure I was okay . I would definitely say my care was good and adequate for sure , as I no longer had sore throats and it relieved the swollen glands in my neck . Overall , my experience went smoothly and I would say I was quite blessed to have such great nurses and doctors to resolve this issue .

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