July 21, 2022

What tensions do you think you might experience arising from the differing worldviews of administrators, health care providers, and patients? Cite references from your reading to support your answer.

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United States has been lengthy considering that been referred to as a “melting pot” due to the fact a substantial a part of the populace is made of multitude of races, ethinicities, cultures and religions. The largest supply of anxiety I suppose may also come from an opposing set of values and ideals primarily based totally on spiritual affiliation.  According to Shelley and Miller 2006, numerous theories has very one-of-a-kind global use while addressing and describing their idea of God. The Science of Unitary people and the human turning into theories do now no longer honestly described God as a awesome being and withinside the self Care Theory God isn’t described and is most effective taken into consideration applicable because it pertains to the sufferers understanding. The Culture care principle permits for God to be described via way of means of the culture.
Understanding and respecting patient values and circumstances | Evidence into practice: Integrating judgment, values, and research | F.A. Davis PT collection | McGraw hill medical. (n.d.). F.A. Davis PT Collection. https://fadavispt.mhmedical.com/content.aspx?bookid=1919§ionid=140021426

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